Establishing an inventory of the Luo cultural elements in danger of disappearance

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Global New Generation Kenya, now a member of the Cultural Network – Kenya begins the first phase of the Cultural Revival Sub – Project (Establishing an inventory of the Luo cultural elements in danger of disappearance) tomorrow through a mapping exercise that will assist in the proposal production and subsequent research exercise.
The mapping exercise of the research areas will provide vital information that informs the proposal of the facts about the population, socio-economic practices, mode of transport and general administrative structures of the areas to facilitate an efficient research.
Targeted county headquarters within the geographical area of Luo Nyanza will be; Kisumu, Homa Bay, Migori and Siaya Counties.
Overall Goal
To use indigenous cultural values to foster development, national social cohesion and lend the cultural values to the global family.

Project Objectives
Carryout a research to identify indigenous cultural values of the Luo in danger of disappearance.
Create an inventory of the Luo culture.
Project Activities
Project Preliminaries
1 Fundraising
2 Coordination with stakeholders
3 Recruitment of support staff
Research area mapping
Research tools preparation
Research commencement
Analysis and documentation of findings
1 Written material
2 Videos Cds
3 Audio Cds
Monitoring and Evaluation
Research report
Implementation Strategy
To achieve this, we intend to come up with a team of individuals with a scholarly background in African Studies and communication among other relevant support staff. The research will be qualitative with specific techniques such as participant observation, interviews with all actors including local authorities.
Currently Kisumu is on the verge of completing a cultural center, which would be an ideal center for showcasing the rich cultural artifacts and values availed by the research. Therefore in coordination with stakeholders (community and relevant government ministry/ies), the project should be able to meet the objectives.
1 The local community
2 The Kenyan community
3 The global family