Golden Heart School

The Golden Heart School in Eastland’s Komarock estate in Nairobi, Kenya was started in 2005 and serves under privileged children from Kayole, Komarock, Dandora, Umoja and Kariobangi areas, whose parents understand the value of good education yet have a low income.
Since inception the Golden Heart School has been an excellent performer in the National Schools and Colleges Drama Festivals. In its fifth month of existence, the school was ranked second best in Dramatized Solo Verse at the Provincial Festivals. The Golden Heart School has since been a common participant at the Provincial Winners Parade for the last six years.

As a result of this persistent run of talent in co-curricular activities, the school produced pupils who participated in the production of the Kenya Institute of Education Pioneer Video Lesson Programs in which they took lead roles. The participation has since inspired the school to come up with ideas of producing more thematic films that address the moral afflictions of the Kenyan society, for instance; poor governance, corruption, HIV/AIDS among others.

The idea stems from a strong belief that the moral fabric and afflictions of any society is determined by the lessons learnt from a tender age. Therefore this idea if made a reality through the support of vertically inclined donors, it can systematically prepare future generations in Kenya understand the values of a well governed society free from corruption, political anarchy, and a society where morals are upheld to fight vices that can lead to the spread of the HIV/AIDS scourge.

Global New Generation Kenya appeals for donor’s and well-wisher’s support towards this worthy course.